Just Another Story – A magazine by Cute-Elizabeth

We had to create a magazine about history, fashion and styling and here it is! Lots of work but lots of fun!




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Since we are filming in a room filled with lots of brown furniture and surfaces we chose to go with a green and yellowish color palette. The colors were chosen because they go well with the browns and also they are meant to portray the healthy environment that Jasmine comes from. Warm colors will be used in the props such as the books on the shelf and the food on the table. Essentially we want the room to have a normal homely feel. Also the colors were chosen so that they could match the clothing each character will be wearing. For example, Jasmine will have green clothing when she goes for her run to signify her health and the life growing inside of her however when she arrives at home she removes the jersey and reveals a black tshirt under to show the turmoil she is in. The black will stand out because the other colors

around her will be very warm.


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CSC_0582During my photoshoot I came up with the idea of capturing the day that president Obama won the United States election therefore I had to create a podium. In order to do so I went on a massive hunt for a stool that I could fit the table on top of. Once that was done I had to go and print out the emblem of the United States of America and that is how I created my podium. I think it came out pretty well!

The podium idea continued through out my assignment as I captured one of histories most unforgetable moments when the United States President Bill DSC_0625Clinton lied under Oath that he did not have sexual relations with his intern, Monica LewinskCSC_0651y. We also used the podium to create the day that Hitler got into power and went on to persecute and slaughter Jewish people. The other thing I created was the Mona Lisa painting because it was robbed in the early 1900’s and this led to it becoming more famous internationally.

CMS Blog Entry 5

Sewingmachine1I realized after much consideration that the best way to be able to sew is to actually do a lot of research about the machine. You can’t really sew something without understanding the machine that you are using and why each function is on there. The machines that we use in class are slightly different from the ones that my mother has in her clothes factory because they are more basic. The ones my mother has have more features that allows you to do different kinds of patterns in the stitches. I got so inspired that I decided to join a sewing class in Observatory that teaches you all the basics. I hope it helps out!

CMS Blog Entry 4: Yes you guessed it, Sewing some more

20150811_094957We learnt that there are different kinds of sewing techniques that can make a fabric go from being a Mr. Price kind of dress to being a courtier kind of dress. Mr Price is meant to be mass produced therefore each stitch is more basic. However if you went to, lets say,, Gucci there would be more time spent on each stitch therefore giving it more quality. Our teacher basically told us that Mr Price pretty much uses shortcuts while more expensive clothes can even be hand sewn therefore making them more labourous and more  (A LOT MORE) expensive! Now you know why some clothes are ridiculously expensive…

CMS Blog Entry 3: Sewing tips galor

20150811_093450After watching my teacher sew we learnt something about patterns and errors. He was sewing and realized that the pattern that he was doing was actually wrong because it did not have the leeway space that you normally need when sewing therefore it didn’t come out the way he wanted. SO i learnt that don’t trust all patterns that are on the internet! I also learnt how much of a tedious process it is! You have to grab a pencil, do some drawings and then cut ALOT… my hands were hurting by the end of it. Then after cutting you have to start putting the string in the sewing machine, something I am still trying to learn… I can honestly say it is harder than driving a car! I can’t believe my teacher learnt how to sew in only a week!

CMS Blog Entry 2: Sewing tips

20150811_091100We have been doing a lot of sewing lately so I thought I would scare you a little bit. Sewing is soooo hard! I learnt something about the clothes that I wear and the labor that goes into it. When you put on clothes you don’t really think about the people who make them but after my first sewing lesson I can definitely tell you that it is time to appreciate the people who make your clothes because it is seriously like an artwork. I had a massive epic fail doing it because I couldnt even make a straight line and was so scared that I would sew my self!


DSC_0356After a CMS class, I was made to wonder who am I? Is what I am just a perception of the things around me or is it really who I am. I remember during class I admitted that in a way I am a bit of a chameleon because I change my colors depending on where I am or whom I am with. The Cute you see in Cape Town is not the Cute I am in Zimbabwe etc. Our teacher told us that we are pretty much nothing because we are always changing.



42ee029638890b1b8c73c542e01a4356In 2001the invention of one of music’s hugest inventions was created, the Ipod. Prior to this music was stored on an external drive but when the Ipod was invented, people could store straight onto the device. People could also select different colors for their device that showed their own character. In terms of a floor plan, the Ipod was and is still now found in pockets, living rooms, bedrooms and cars etc.

In 2003, the idea that man made inventions could be environmentally friendly was re-introduced again when the Hybrid car was invented. Prior to this, cars were considered to be bad for the environment therefore when the Hybrid was introduced, that concept changed. In terms of a floor plan, the car could be found in garages and on street corners/parking lots.

2005 saw the creation of one of the biggest video sharing website, YouTube. People were now able to make, watch and share their own videos or others. YouTube enabled people to create their own TV, literally. People could now make their own luck to get fame if they were talented enough. People like Justin Beiber, Conor Maynard and dozens of other celebrities were discovered on YouTube, a fame they might not have had if YouTube never existed.



The 1990’s brought forward some of today’s useful technology with the introductions such as the voicemail. Even though the voicemail is no longer the format it used to be it is still in use. Back in the 1990’s, the voicemail was a digital recording box that would record all your missed calls on your landline while you were not at home; you basically could not miss a call. The introduction of cell phones eventually changed everything because people could receive phone calls on the go therefore that digital box soon became obsolete. However, the term voice mail still exists however now it is a virtual recording box on people’s cell phones that records messages when people can’t answer their mobile phones (or refuse to answer) at a specific time. In terms of floor plan the voicemail was present in kitchens and in living rooms and was a fundamental object to capture peoples messages while they were away at work or on holiday.

imagesIn 1995 the DVD was invented and allowed the ability to not only save bigger files but also allowed the ability to save movies in a better quality. DVD’s were mainly found in peoples bags and also on top of desks in kitchens, study rooms or bedrooms.

1996 paved the way for the WebTV which essentially led to the invention of YouTube. Television prior to this was something you watched on a TV in your living room , usually with your family with adverts however once WebTV came along, people could now watch TV on their computers as well with the bonus of skipping adverts. Furthermore, people could watch shows or movies on demand instead of waiting for their movies to show up a day or week later. In a floor plan, WebTV can be found in almost every room because it was solely based on where the computer was based. In modern times, with the advancement of cell phone technology people can now watch web TV anywhere from cars, trains, bedrooms and even bathrooms.


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