The 1990’s brought forward some of today’s useful technology with the introductions such as the voicemail. Even though the voicemail is no longer the format it used to be it is still in use. Back in the 1990’s, the voicemail was a digital recording box that would record all your missed calls on your landline while you were not at home; you basically could not miss a call. The introduction of cell phones eventually changed everything because people could receive phone calls on the go therefore that digital box soon became obsolete. However, the term voice mail still exists however now it is a virtual recording box on people’s cell phones that records messages when people can’t answer their mobile phones (or refuse to answer) at a specific time. In terms of floor plan the voicemail was present in kitchens and in living rooms and was a fundamental object to capture peoples messages while they were away at work or on holiday.

imagesIn 1995 the DVD was invented and allowed the ability to not only save bigger files but also allowed the ability to save movies in a better quality. DVD’s were mainly found in peoples bags and also on top of desks in kitchens, study rooms or bedrooms.

1996 paved the way for the WebTV which essentially led to the invention of YouTube. Television prior to this was something you watched on a TV in your living room , usually with your family with adverts however once WebTV came along, people could now watch TV on their computers as well with the bonus of skipping adverts. Furthermore, people could watch shows or movies on demand instead of waiting for their movies to show up a day or week later. In a floor plan, WebTV can be found in almost every room because it was solely based on where the computer was based. In modern times, with the advancement of cell phone technology people can now watch web TV anywhere from cars, trains, bedrooms and even bathrooms.


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