Serial Killer Project…complete!



PATIENT:      Dr. Katharina Mays

DOB:              October 31, 1976


Patient, who is being referred to in the media as the ‘Oregon Killer’, displays sympathetic behaviour however does not regret taking part in the murders of Susan Bolt, Albert Jennings and Patricia Cummings. In my personal opinion, she views their deaths as a mercy killings or as she stated, assisted suicide to help release each of the victims pain.

Victim number one, 23 year old Susan Bolt was found unconscious and slumped over on a bench in her wedding dress. According to the suspect, she initially met Ms Bolt, like all her other victims, at the Mercy Hospital, where patient works,  after a previous failed suicide attempt.

Ms. Bolt called Dr. Mays on the day of the murder (February 11, 2013) in distress. Ms. Bolt had been left at the alter by her fiancé Robert Blains and once again wanted to kill herself. Dr. Mays said she had tried to help Ms. Bolt before to get her life together but this time she felt ‘an overwhelming’ sense of sadness for her and therefore helped her commit suicide by providing the victim with a lethal amount of Cocaine Hydrochloride (, 2014).

Patient suffered breathing difficulties and fell unconscious and died later on at the hospital due to the prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain.

The Medical Examiner, Dr Richard Graves, has stated that the patient died a peaceful death.

A letter was left at the crime scene for Mr. Blains by the victim stating ‘You did this to me.’

The second victim,  28 year old, Albert Jennings was a recovering alcoholic who had relapsed for the 5th time and had gone back to his heavy drinking ways.

Dr. Mays said she met Mr. Jennings  5 years ago after he had been admitted to the hospital to get his stomach pumped due to the consumption of a nearly lethal level of alcohol content. Over the next several years Mr Jennings became a fixture at the hospital and Dr. Mays befriended him but then she realised after the 5th relapse that he was a broken man and she felt compelled to take him out of his misery.

She made a home visit to Mr. Jennings house on April 16, 2013, after he called her saying that he was about to relapse.  When Dr. Mays arrived, Mr. Jennings was visibly intoxicated and Dr. Mays provided the victim with 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of whisky.

The normal lethal blood alcohol content (BAC) is .30% however Mr. Jennings was double that limit with a reading of .627%.

When police found Mr. Jennings body, he had drowned in his pool.

Initially Mr. Jennings cause of death was stated as been accidental death by misadventure by the coroner’s office however that has since been change to murder.

Mr Jennings liver was examined and the coroner stated signs of alcohol abuse. The coroner, Dr Alex Smiths stated the patient would have most likely have died in the next 5 years due to the poor state of his liver (, 2014).

The third victim, 55 year old Patricia Cummings was found unconscious by the Durban Metropol Police Department . Initially the Police Officer on site, Detective Ronald Smithers believed the death was of a natural manner until the tea cup next to the victim was found to be laced with Valium, which is a diazepam. The high levels would have rendered the victim unconscious in minutes and dead within hours due to lack of medical attention.

Once again the death would have been peaceful.

Mrs. Cummings (nee Rivers), met Dr. Mays in a cafeteria at the Mercy Hospital and they struck an unlikely friendship. Mrs. Cummings was suffering from terminal cancer at the time of her death and had months to live.

Police officers found a lipstick mark on another tea cup that had no Valium in it and after lab tests, the finger prints and lipstick mark was found to Dr. Mays.

Asked why she hadn’t removed the evidence she left behind, Dr. Mays stated that she was distraught at seeing her friend pass away before her eyes and fled the seen distraught.

I asked her why Mrs. Cummings meant a lot to her and she said Mrs. Cummings reminded her of her mom who passed away from a horrible death when Katharina was 12 years old.  Seeing her mom throw up from chemotherapy and suffer through all the side effects of the medication she was on, Katharina vowed to become a doctor and never let someone endure such a terrible death.

Dr. Mays said she believed in the Oregon legislature that allows patients to be provided assisted suicide legally due to Oregon’s ‘Death With Dignity’ Act (How to Die in Oregon, 2014).

All her victims were people she met while at work at the Mercy Hospital.

Clinically, I wouldn’t consider her a psychopath or sociopath. She shows signs of delusions however she is mentally stable to stand trial for all the murders that she is being accused off despite her beliefs that she murdered the people for the right reasons.


Serial Killer Character Purgatory

IMG_9201If you were a serial killer what would you do? My friends are currently concerned because of the words that keep coming out of my mouth about serial killing and the ideas I have. Dear friends, please don’t be scared… It is just a class project… I promise!

My first victim is Miss D. She has terminal cancer and wants to die on her on volition. This is based on the the documentary “How to die in Oregon.” It is a very heart breaking documentary but moving. If someone asked you to kill them because they wanted to end their life to get rid of the pain, would you have what it takes? I know I couldn’t and that has nothing to do with morality but because of my conscience. You need to be strong, emotionally to be selfless enough to do something like that.

The evidence files will be posted soon about this crime scene. I hope you can figure out the connection between the victims by looking at the evidence.

clue time: middle right hand side

movie to look for? : Documentary “How to Die In Oregon’ – please have your tissues ready… you’ve been warned.