After takes

After takes

TIP # 1: When you are doing something serious, you always have to be able to goof around in the end so that people want to work with you again. Treat them mean keep them keen, doesn’t work.. unless you are Gordon Ramsay… and he is a jerk (attitude wise)


Serial Killer Character Purgatory

IMG_9201If you were a serial killer what would you do? My friends are currently concerned because of the words that keep coming out of my mouth about serial killing and the ideas I have. Dear friends, please don’t be scared… It is just a class project… I promise!

My first victim is Miss D. She has terminal cancer and wants to die on her on volition. This is based on the the documentary “How to die in Oregon.” It is a very heart breaking documentary but moving. If someone asked you to kill them because they wanted to end their life to get rid of the pain, would you have what it takes? I know I couldn’t and that has nothing to do with morality but because of my conscience. You need to be strong, emotionally to be selfless enough to do something like that.

The evidence files will be posted soon about this crime scene. I hope you can figure out the connection between the victims by looking at the evidence.

clue time: middle right hand side

movie to look for? : Documentary “How to Die In Oregon’ – please have your tissues ready… you’ve been warned.

Alexa’s Character Purgatory

sparitual-nail-polishIt is all in the colors. My idea is to focus on color in the movie. When she finds out she is pregnant, her nails will be the ‘Moss Green’  to depict life. The props will be ‘pebble brown’ and other colors in the scale. When she loses the baby her nails will have tattered nail color as if it has been unattended to in a while. I think red will go well because it signifies death and black would be too much. We don’t want to take attention away from the character. When she lets go of the balloon (by the way we Alexa decided to not sell baby shoes but to tie them on a helium balloon and let it go – brilliant!) a white or ‘Driftwood” color will be painted on the nails to signify heaven and letting go.


DISCLAIMER… I love disclaimers… these are my ideas…. will they be in the movie? You will have to watch to find out

ultimate selfie…

ultimate selfie...

“Smile, Camera, Action”… is that how the saying goes? (not quite sure). I am the ‘model in this photo’, I took this photo and i edited this photo… the point I am trying to make is all about composition and imagination. I took an ordinary picture of me in a tub – something something so simple and changed the colors from color to black and white and then introduced a very vibrant background for creativity. Since then I have created selfies in a way that people don’t normally take them…selfies that don’t look like selfies

Baby Shoes By Alexa Plen

images “And in the end, her loss was Gods  gain”

I am currently working with an amazing director, Alexa Plen, from Plen Productions.

Her storyline is so simple and yet so effective. It is based on Ernest Hemingway’s 6 word novel (this you need to google!)

”  Rachel has an accident while 16 weeks pregnant and loses her baby. She has to make a serious life decision. “
“Rachel  has an accident and loses her baby and she tries to end her life and realises that some things are meant to happen and thinks it’s better to be alive for her daughter (Eleanor) and younger sister (Brooke) to try to help her come to terms with the loss. She sells the Baby shoes as a sign of her miscarriage and letting go.”