FILM: How to Make Blood…and other things intro

So here we start… but to begin I need to show you my movie so you understand where all the shortcuts came in place to save my penny holed hands and penny calculating brain to help me make something in a student budget… first watch and guess how much it cost me to do the Production Design, Costume, Make-up and Styling! GOOD LUCK!


FOOD: EASY TO DO, HOW TO’s: Recycle Queen

Recycling is something that has been instilled in me since I started living in Australia and I completely understand the reasoning behind it and 110% support it – we do enough to kill our planet as it is… Then I moved to South Africa and we had one bin, for EVERYTHING. One day as I was taking the rubbish out I realised how many potential containers could have been reused and not only save the universe but save me money as well… so there I started, I took the empty peanut butter tub, removed the labeling, cleaned it and put my sugar in it… it didn’t stop there, and I started to realise how much we waste as human beings on things that could be reused… I could sit here whining about how there isn’t recycle bins or I could do something about it –  I chose the latter option and did something about it. I know you are thinking – WHY, that won’t look pretty… BUT BEHOLD! THERE ARE MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO!!!






FILM: EASY TO DO, HOW TO’s: Here’s a toast!

toxic-tea-bag-560x451Today while on set for my schools Interdisciplinary project I came up with an idea for quick “how to’s” tips to make things for props, make up and styling without spending too much money! Sounds good right? Well I know I am excited! The thing that gave me the idea was during our set we had to create a scenario where two actors are sitting, having a drink and one of the characters is trying to seduce the other character (who is married) and they have clearly being drinking so their inhibition is quite compromised. Not to bore you with the details I will get straight to the point!

We had to make the alcohol look like whisky so someone suggested that we use apple juice… I am a bit of a financial penny grabber so I started to see dollar signs in my head and came up with a more cost effective, and more realistic looking ‘whisky’ recipe… SUPER EASY…

You will need:

*An empty whisky bottle (Good thing my housemates are sometimes alcoholics so there was one laying around on the fridge… NOTE TO YOU, always keep at least one of those kind of bottles on top of your fridge because you never know when you will need it – for me it was today!)

*Tea bag

*Cold and Hot Water

Easy to do instructions:

1) Throw tea bag into empty whisky bottle

2) Pour hot water into whisky bottle half way

3) Pour cold water til it reaches the 3/4 mark to cool down the tea

And voila, you have your whisky! All you need now is two whisky glasses or tumblers to add to the scene and now your characters can look like they are drinking without getting drunk!

To check out other cool tricks for making alcoholic drinks on set I found this website which is quite interesting:

Gone Girl: A Scott Peterson Story?

When I started watching this movie I thought it was perhaps influenced by the Scott Peterson movie. Ben Affleck looked just like him and WHAM, Amy was pregnant when she disappeared…He had a girlfriend starting with the letter A …And he did a lot of TV presentations and Vigils… NOW that is where we stop and the similarities stop and where we start to get ‘mind fucked’! The characters are so strong psychologically and bring you to their own mindset.

One is a psychopath

One is a borderline sociopath (but debatable)

One is the manipulated one

One is the crazy one

And one is the one who has unconditional love

Who is whom?

Don’t judge a book by its cover is the best way to discuss this movie. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Prop Styling: Everything has a place


While doing research on props and styling, I came across this interesting blog worth looking at.  When we think of prop styling, we tend to forget how vast it is of a field. Every prop can make or break an image.

What is a prop stylist?

“A prop stylist shops for and gathers a selection of props for photo shoots. The shoots might be editorials for magazines or advertising shoots for catalogs or websites. It might be a photo shoot all about food recipes, or a fashion story, or an interior design story. There are many types of stylists: food, wardrobe, prop, floral, hair, makeup, and more. I am a prop stylist with a specialty in floral styling given my background as a floral designer. The prop stylist is normally responsible for executing the vision of the art director. Sometimes their vision is a vague, one sentence description you can run with, other times, it’s a very specific, pantone color swatch, list of props instruction. The prop stylist will shop for props (might be dishes for food, tables, furniture, backdrops, depending on the type of shoot), show up on set and organize all the props, and put together the set for the photographer. While the photographer shoots the photo, the stylist will watch in the camera or tethered laptop for styling changes that might need to be made and adjusts as necessary, working closely with the photographer. At the end of the shoot, the prop stylist will pack everything up and return the props.”

To find out some cool tips about prop styling, visit:

Fashion Then and Now

For one of my assignments I need to create a table book about fashion, styling and make-up so for my table book I have decided that I am going to go with a theme of “Then and Now”. I want to be able to show how fashion is always a repetitive thing and even when we think we are starting a new trend, we are essentially taking segments of our past brothers and sisters. Fashion is a creative growth in our creativity and in our identity. Here are some of the references I will be using for the research part of my table book.Clever-Fashion-Moves-5