42ee029638890b1b8c73c542e01a4356In 2001the invention of one of music’s hugest inventions was created, the Ipod. Prior to this music was stored on an external drive but when the Ipod was invented, people could store straight onto the device. People could also select different colors for their device that showed their own character. In terms of a floor plan, the Ipod was and is still now found in pockets, living rooms, bedrooms and cars etc.

In 2003, the idea that man made inventions could be environmentally friendly was re-introduced again when the Hybrid car was invented. Prior to this, cars were considered to be bad for the environment therefore when the Hybrid was introduced, that concept changed. In terms of a floor plan, the car could be found in garages and on street corners/parking lots.

2005 saw the creation of one of the biggest video sharing website, YouTube. People were now able to make, watch and share their own videos or others. YouTube enabled people to create their own TV, literally. People could now make their own luck to get fame if they were talented enough. People like Justin Beiber, Conor Maynard and dozens of other celebrities were discovered on YouTube, a fame they might not have had if YouTube never existed.


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