CSC_0582During my photoshoot I came up with the idea of capturing the day that president Obama won the United States election therefore I had to create a podium. In order to do so I went on a massive hunt for a stool that I could fit the table on top of. Once that was done I had to go and print out the emblem of the United States of America and that is how I created my podium. I think it came out pretty well!

The podium idea continued through out my assignment as I captured one of histories most unforgetable moments when the United States President Bill DSC_0625Clinton lied under Oath that he did not have sexual relations with his intern, Monica LewinskCSC_0651y. We also used the podium to create the day that Hitler got into power and went on to persecute and slaughter Jewish people. The other thing I created was the Mona Lisa painting because it was robbed in the early 1900’s and this led to it becoming more famous internationally.


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