The 1970’s was the year for technology. In 1970 the floppy disk was invented by Alan Shugart. Prior to that invention it was border line impossible to transfer files from one computer to another therefore this invention started a revolution which would eventually lead to the creation of portable hard drives and USB’s decades later. Even though floppy disks are now obsolete they definitely were a powerful invention during their time. In terms of on a floor plan, floppy disks would be scene on computer desks, inside brief cases and on children’s computer desks.

indexOne of the most important inventions of all time was also found in 1973 by Xerox and Robert Metcalfe, the internet. Before this, people did not have any way to search for things online or do their research on their computer, people had to go to libraries to do so therefore the internet brought a lot of convenience into schools and house holds.

In TV technology, James Fergason invented the the liquid-crystal display (LCD) and the first video game ever, Pong, was created by Nolan Bushnell. Even though the game was very simple it too paved the way for the multi-billion dollar gaming industry and unleashed the creativity in game makers in what they can do virtually.

In 1975 and 1976 printers were also renovated when the laser printer was invented and the ink-jet printer. Prior to this printing was slow and not convenient. People could know have printers in their own homes and could move them around more conveniently.

In 1979 people no longer had to stay at home to wait for a phone call because that was the year when cell phones were created. People could now be anywhere and still receive a phone call. Cell phones became so popular that in recent times home phones have become a rarity in modern houses. In terms of a floor plan, cell phones would be seen everywhere from pockets to desks, cars to backpacks.

Right before the year ended the walkman was also invented. People could now walk around listening to music instead of playing it out loud on a boom box. Because of the invention of the walkman we are able to listen to whatever we want, whenever we want without making noise for other people and without shame.


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