ETB Mood Boards for Movie “Pieces” by Daniel Baylis


Catherine Lamar is in the Ward, being questioned on the death of her fiancé, Sal. She is shaking and clearly unstable.

2. The First Explosion

The Shrink, a composed and calm professional, pushes her for answers. She has a flash of memory, seeing Sal bleeding. Catherine Breaks down, whispering and whimpering to herself

3. Problem Solving Vacuum

Catherine is realising that Sal really is dead and feeling lost and alone. Her mental health is deteriorating

4. Problem Solving Attraction

Catherine composes herself and begins walking the shrink through what she remembers

5. Potential Problem Solving Digits

The shrink and Catherine realise that there are parts of her memories that don’t add up.

6. Solution Selection

Catherine walks the shrink through another version of the events, this time focusing on the details. (the first mention of the archer)

7. New Problem Solution Priority Order

Although Catherine doesn’t want to relive that day she may finally get closure

8. The Second Explosion

The archer appears to Catherine in the ward, forcing her to piece it together, forcing her to truly relive that day.

9. The climax revealed that Catherine killed Sal after he cut a deal with the enemy for their lives, she plunged a knife into his throat and created the archer as a way of dealing with it. Catherine CONCEPT PROPOSAL: Pieces begins realizing where she is and attacks the shrink. The archer has his bow drawn and aims at the shrink.

10. Final Problem Solving Priority Order

The shrink signals and Mantis guards restrain Catherine and escort her out of the room. The Shrink tells her that they’ll begin again tomorrow, implying that this has been going on for



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