Back In Time: 1960’s

The Etch A Sketch was a toy that was created in the 1960’s but has managed to survive the tests of time as one of the most long lasting toys in production. As can be seen, the Etch A Sketch was featured in famous “Toy Story” movies, amongst other famous toy characters. The reason why I liked this prop is because it was one of those iconic toys that was used in animation and film over the years and no matter whom you are, you know what an Etch A Sketch and gives you fond memories of when you were waiting in the doctors office for your dad or in the car as you waited for your mom to leave the shop, knowing full well that she shouldn’t have left you in the car in the first place. Etch A Sketches were, floor plan wise, one of those objects that could be found in children’s bedrooms, or on the couch or in cars, backpacks – basically everywhere.

Audio Cassette’s were also invented in the 1960’s and have come to signify the progression of music formats. Even when they became borderline obsolete they still remained heavily implanted in society through them being used as a model for telephone covers, jewelry, paintings and so on. In modern times, shows that are based on that time tend to use the cassette to bring nostalgia to people who were part of that experience and those who wished they had been. For the music industry it was that prop that made people feel passionate about their music but having said that, I am an 80’s baby and had the privilege of saying that I was there when people were ‘pushing’ cassettes to get their names out there. I dare admit even being that jerk who cuts peoples tapes when they disrespected me. I never said that… that was a massive typo.

In terms of the floor plan the tape was one of those things that was there everywhere from in the house, the car and and dare I say, in between of my teeth when I didn’t like the music. So there you go, I look forward to you finding out soon why I went through all that history.


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