Serial Killer Character Purgatory

IMG_9201If you were a serial killer what would you do? My friends are currently concerned because of the words that keep coming out of my mouth about serial killing and the ideas I have. Dear friends, please don’t be scared… It is just a class project… I promise!

My first victim is Miss D. She has terminal cancer and wants to die on her on volition. This is based on the the documentary “How to die in Oregon.” It is a very heart breaking documentary but moving. If someone asked you to kill them because they wanted to end their life to get rid of the pain, would you have what it takes? I know I couldn’t and that has nothing to do with morality but because of my conscience. You need to be strong, emotionally to be selfless enough to do something like that.

The evidence files will be posted soon about this crime scene. I hope you can figure out the connection between the victims by looking at the evidence.

clue time: middle right hand side

movie to look for? : Documentary “How to Die In Oregon’ – please have your tissues ready… you’ve been warned.


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