Alexa’s Character Purgatory

sparitual-nail-polishIt is all in the colors. My idea is to focus on color in the movie. When she finds out she is pregnant, her nails will be the ‘Moss Green’  to depict life. The props will be ‘pebble brown’ and other colors in the scale. When she loses the baby her nails will have tattered nail color as if it has been unattended to in a while. I think red will go well because it signifies death and black would be too much. We don’t want to take attention away from the character. When she lets go of the balloon (by the way we Alexa decided to not sell baby shoes but to tie them on a helium balloon and let it go – brilliant!) a white or ‘Driftwood” color will be painted on the nails to signify heaven and letting go.


DISCLAIMER… I love disclaimers… these are my ideas…. will they be in the movie? You will have to watch to find out


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